Getting Started with the Microsoft Power Platform

This is part 3 in my Top 5 Emerging Trends in the Microsoft 365 Cloud Adoption Journey Blog Series


This blog post will explore some of the common trends I am observing by working with customers, partners, and my peers at Microsoft. I will also share some of the key resources available to help you and your organization to learn more.

Replacing Legacy Solutions

During this time, Microsoft has also announced the retirement of SharePoint Designer and SharePoint 2010/2013 based workflows which have now been succeeded by Microsoft Power Automate (formerly known as Flow).

I have also continued to work with customers to migrate and improve solutions from Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access, and Excel to the Power Platform.

SharePoint and Teams Integration

Additional Microsoft/Office 365 Integration Points

For example, my prior post on Sentiment Analysis for Yammer illustrated how to use a Power Automate flow to leverage Azure cognitive services to determine the sentiment for new posts made in Yammer.

More recently we have seen customers building composite applications and solutions to extend out of the box services such as Microsoft Forms. For example, triggering a flow when a new Form response is submitted to perform more advanced operations and actions such as customized emails, adding users to groups, logging responses, etc.

Working with Non Microsoft Applications and Data Sources

Using an on-premises data gateway server, Power Platform solutions can connect to data sources that exist on-premises such as SharePoint, SQL Server, or Oracle.

Power Platform also has hundreds of standard and premium connectors for integrating with other popular applications and services such as ServiceNow, Workday, Salesforce, and others.

There are also numerous third-party connectors available and you can build your own custom connectors.

Solutions, Accelerators, and Templates

  • Microsoft Power Apps includes many canvas app templates and samples. For example, many customers have benefited from the “Meeting Capture” app template.
Microsoft Power Apps Canvas App Templates
  • Power Automate also includes flow templates and examples which are very helpful to jump start building workflows that connect to a variety of applications, services, and event triggers.
Microsoft Power Automate Flow Templates
Microsoft Business Solutions Catalog

Governance and Center of Excellence (COE)

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)



Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) Process

Microsoft Power Platform Customer Journey Map

Moving Forward

The next post in this blog series will focus on what was formerly known as “Project Cortex” and has now been released as SharePoint Syntex and Viva Topics.



Works for Microsoft as a Principal Technical Architect at the MTC in Boston, MA. Author. Speaker. Blogger. Husband. Dad.

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Chris Bortlik (@cbortlik)

Works for Microsoft as a Principal Technical Architect at the MTC in Boston, MA. Author. Speaker. Blogger. Husband. Dad.